Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 7, Small Pause, "Wall Shadows"

Free Flow, 24x12in Oil on wrap canvas by Debbie Lamey-MacDonald

Today's "Small Pause"...

Upper shadow is from an Amaryllis which is about to bloom.

After a busy morning completing domestic chores, I enjoyed a nice break in the morning sunlight. Light streamed in the window, lighting areas that are often in semi-shadow. Suddenly, my attention was diverted to a wall shadow. So subtle and soft, it swept across the wall, magnifying its source. Interesting diagonal lines and numerous subtle grays captivated my attention. My mind began to muse over the puzzle pieces that initiated these interesting shadows. As an artist, noticing every day subtleties often leads to future creations.


There is always an open invitation to share your "Small Pauses" in the comment section below. Wishing you special moments in present time!

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