Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 42, Small Pause, "Winged Signs"

 It has been awhile since I last posted here, but I have continued to consciously take Small Pauses in my day. I hope you have too. Today I am Sharing three Small Pauses together because they have come about in a related manner. I really think the Universe is trying to make me aware of something, as a common theme has been woven throughout their happenings.

My first pause was taken on the last day at a quaint and peaceful cottage we stayed at this summer. My second pause occurred unexpectedly while scouting around for painting locations and the third happened today while I was on my walk.

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First  Small Pause...

August 22/15

I have been vacationing at a quaint cottage in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. We are surrounded by a beautiful lake and wilderness. Most mornings my sister-in-law and I don our bathing suits and step out for a refreshing morning swim in the lake. 

On our last morning while Nancy and I were swimming, I turned around and gasped. A gorgeous loon was floating on the lake only a few feet away from us. We both remained very quiet as we watched him dipping his beak in and out of the water. After several minutes, he plunged into the water and came back up quite a distance away. We both felt so blessed to witness such an event on our last day!

Later that afternoon after Nancy and my brother had gone home, I decided to take one last swim. At one point I turned around in the water and yelped! There was my friend the loon again about 20 feet away from me. He was even closer than he was this morning.  I could see his markings clearly and enjoyed watching his movements. 

These were magical moments! Ones that I felt signified positive signs for future days. I searched for what a loon symbolized and found this description:

"The Native Symbol or Totem the Loon: A solitary bird of the wilderness, the Loon symbolises tranquility, serenity and the reawakening of old hopes, wishes and dreams. The Loon relies on water and water is a symbol for dreams and multiple levels of consciousness, therefore Loons teach us to pay attention to our dreams, wishes and hopes. A Legend says that to see a Loon is a symbol of a dream come true or an answered wish."

(Resource credit goes to Spirits of the West Art Gallery. )

Second Small Pause...

August  29/15

While scouting around looking for new areas to paint in Grant's Lake, I came upon an  unusual bird!  I rolled down my car window and he just continued to slowly walk along. I stopped my car, grabbed my camera and quickly, but stealthily followed him until I could get a photo before he hopped into the woods. 

After looking him up on google we found out he was a Chukar Partridge. My bird friends on Facebook say he is a rare bird if in the wild, but think he is probably an escapee from captivity somewhere.

I felt this was a very special pause and was grateful to have had this neat experience!

Third Small Pause...

Sept. 14/15

A few nights ago I had an amazing dream about a large flock of birds in a large tree with many limbs. They were busily flapping their wings and making bird noises. A couple of doves even appeared really close to me on the lower limbs. I awoke thinking how inspirational this dream was, then went on with my day. At the time I thought --"Oh another reference to birds, how interesting."

Today as I was walking home, something small and wispy floated beside me from the sky. As I turned to look at it, I smiled and thought, "Oh this is cool. Is it a leaf?" Then I realized it wasn't a leaf, it was a tiny grey feather floating down beside me. I immediately thought I have to capture this feather when it landed. It was so light the breeze kept scooting it along as it landed on the road. I finally caught it, nestled it in my hand and took it home. 

By this point, I have realized these are not all coincidences! There is a reoccurring theme happening and I am listening to the Universe! 

I looked up the symbolism for feathers. Most sources stated that feathers represented a higher spiritual connection, or were signs from guides or angels. A grey feather represented peace and neutrality. 

I am listening and have found all of these encounters most interesting.  All of these happenings affirm my belief of the importance of taking Small Pauses.

May your Small Pauses take you on interesting adventures as well!


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