Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 12, Small Pause, "Intersection"

Purple Trails, 3x3in. Oil on linen/panel.

Today's Small Pause...

While working intensely on report cards, I paused for a moment and looked up. My mind began to take an interesting break, as I gazed at my "Valentine" tulips. My eyes drifted within the tulips and concentrated on the gentle intersection created by overlapping petals. An interesting intersection of darker color reminded me of the venn diagrams we studied in school. It was interesting how much darker the petals appeared as they gently folded over each other. A lovely contrast of color and subtle hues became an interesting visual story. 

As an artist I am often drawn to these intimate points of vision. They take the mind on a visual expedition and offer a much needed distraction from life's obligations. It is the mind that paints the picture, storing visual information for later use. 


I would be delighted to have you share your "Small Pause" today. Please feel free to share your thoughts or recent small pause in the comment section below.

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