Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 8, Small Pause, "A Note of Thanks"

Today's "Small Pause" ...

As I culled through a basket of papers today, I came upon a pretty thank you note. It had been given to me some time ago by a parent whose son I had taught. I remember how it touched me when I first received it and tucked it away, as it was too precious to discard. 

My student's mother wrote touchingly how I had eased her son's discomfort about a situation he was experiencing with a fellow classmate. She went on to thank me for dealing with the situation in a positive and caring manner. In the end she said both her son and fellow classmate became friends due to the positive intervention they received. 

It brought a smile to my face as I recalled the whole situation. I was doing what any caring teacher would do and went on to solve many more situations for others. It made me reflect on just how important our actions are and how they affect others. Sometimes our reactions to others and how we validate their concerns profoundly affect them without our knowledge. 

It was so nice to read this note again today, as I head towards my retirement this year. Maybe in a small way I was able to make a difference to those who crossed my teaching path. No matter what occupation you are in, small gestures of kindness often create ripples you were unaware of at the time. Certainly a truth we should be conscious of in our everyday interactions with others. 


Please feel free to share your thoughts or "Small Pause" today in the comments below. 


  1. Hi Debbie, What a lovely idea. I just discovered your blog today and had a "pause" moment yesterday…I guess there are no coincidences.
    I was at the gallery where I paint and I was the only one who showed up to what is usually a busy class, so it was just me and the teacher. (convenient for what followed)
    In walked a woman who had just lost her husband suddenly in December, after 59 years of marriage. She had gone to a bereavement group 3 times and cried throughout the sessions and all the way home. So she decided that she must find something positive to help here through her grief, and had stopped in to look through the gallery.
    She never painted before, but in just a few minutes we had her sitting at an easel with pallet in hand and painting a lovely serene Cape Cod beach scene. She was surprised when she heard "their song" playing in the gallery, and I told her that I felt that he was here with her and approving of her choice to find something uplifting.
    She was so happy when we told her that we wanted her to share with us all the wonderful things about her husband and their 59 years together, which is something to celebrate.
    She signed up for a month of lessons and I believe she will continue long after that. She left with big hugs and thanks to us for making her day.
    I felt great all day!!
    Wishing you much joy, Rita

    1. Sending a Warm Hello Rita! What a wonderful story!! Thanks so much for sharing it today. All the stars seemed to have lined up for this lady today. You were definitely suppose to be a part of this alignment. I love how everything transpired. It was heart warming to hear that she seems to have found something creative and positive to help her through this difficult time. So kind of you to help make this happen for her today! Looking forward to more of your "Small Pauses" in the future!

  2. You have touched many my dear friend and all of your students have been supremely lucky to have had you!!! You are an amazing teacher and a truly uplifting individual to all... I am not counting down because I will miss you too much.........

  3. Okay Cheryl your comment definitely put a lump in my throat! You always say the nicest things and are so giving!! I have truly loved teaching with you and greatly value our friendship.... will definitely miss you next year too! We have to stay in touch for sure. Thanks so much for working so hard to add your comment! I am not sure what happened to the others---out there is cyber space somewhere I bet. lol xo


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