Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 37, Small Pause, "Outside My Window"

Upwards, 20x16in. Oil on wrap canvas. 

Today's Small Pause...

We have received a large quantity of snow over the last couple of weeks. These snowy conditions have brought an abundance of feathered friends to my bird feeders. While I prepared breakfast this morning, I took great joy and many pauses to watch their antics. It was delightful to watch such an array of birds swoop back and forth from nearby trees to feed. 

Love seeing the Evening Grosbeaks arrive! Such a gorgeous bird!

Male and female Evening Grosbeaks. plus a Common Redpoll

I often drag the men folk in my home to come witness the grand event occurring on our back doorstep. I have to admit, I think I am the most enthused with our winged friends' visits. I have the impression that the males in our family get more entertainment from my antics! lol

Our Persian cat Marlee, also got in on the action this morning. She suddenly realized that  there was a large amount of activity happening just beyond the window! Her head swivelled about as she made little plaintive noises from the window ledge. It was almost too much for her when a little Redpole landed on the window ledge outside. 

Marlee and a bird on the window ledge outside! Lots of plaintive noises happening here. 

The most exciting part of my small pause today was when I discovered the "beauty" had returned! I haven't seen him since last year.  A gorgeous pheasant decided to join in on this Sunday bird feast! He scuffled about on the snow with chicken like behaviors, adding to my further entertainment. 

Always so exciting to see this magnificent bird! 

Yes, it was  a delightful pause this morning. I could have ignored the hustle and bustle outside my window today and hurriedly prepared breakfast, but look what I would have missed out on! What will you take time to notice today? One small pause can uplift your whole day. I hope you take time to enjoy being present in one small moment. 


P.S. Please feel free to add your own small pause or comments below.

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