Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 36, Small Pause, A Dramatic Moment

Happy 2015 to you! It has been awhile since my last small pause post--between holiday preparations and painting, life has been full! I have continued to acknowledge small pauses in my days, I hope you have too! 

Today's Small Pause...

As I bustled around the house tidying up this morning, I turned around suddenly to see a stunning play of light in a corner of our home. It was an extremely cold day, but the light was amazing. I love first thing in the morning when the light floods into rooms, creating beautiful patterns. Everything seems to transform into something spectacular and out of the ordinary.

Today the light flooded over floors, walls and a favorite stool. It created diagonals of light and stroked sections of the little stool. My artist mind came alive as I saw the potential for a future painting. I placed a small plant on the stool and loved how a long stem seemed to float into the space creating beautiful shadows on the brightly lit wall. 

My sketchbook was suddenly on my lap. I looked at my watch to see what time it was, knowing that the light would shift soon as it rose higher in the morning sky. My pencil moved quickly, as I explored the possibility for future work. 

Closer view

It was a moment that I envisioned later in the day. I could still see the vibrancy and beauty in that moment in my mind's eye. 

When you can...take time to stop, look and explore the fleeting sights that pass through your day on a regular basis! They will bring you moments of peace.


P.S. Please feel free to add your own small pause or comments below.

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