Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 6, Small Pause, "Visitor Captured"

My elusive visitor.

Today's "Small Pause"...

My elusive visitor returned today! While I was busy working in my kitchen this morning, I happened to catch a glimpse of him below my bird feeders. I have been waiting for several days to spot him so I could snap a photo of our gorgeous pheasant friend. 

He only makes one visit a day, so I was delighted to unexpectedly witness his presence today. It was fun to watch him shuffling through the snow hunting for seeds. His chicken like behaviors made me chuckle. His head darted up and down as he scratched the snow periodically. 

Full body View.

Look at those tail feathers!

I enjoyed viewing his beautiful markings and wonderful colors through my camera lens. Witnessing his visit today was an unexpected surprise that made me smile.


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