Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 29, Small Pause, "Timeout"

Carefree, 6x6in. Oil on linen/panel.
Painted En Plein Air in MacLellan's Brook, Nova Scotia.

Available Here

Today's Small Pause...

After being very busy the last two days completing domestic chores and projects, I felt like I had been in continuous motion. We have been blessed with an extra warm October day, so I decided to set my to do list aside and sit quietly on my back doorstep for awhile. 

While I sat in stillness, I suddenly realized how the roles had switched. I was still and nature busily flitted on around me. If I had not become an observer, I would not have noticed the abundance of ladybugs. They were soaring through the air on my deck, landing on objects and even me. 

I smiled with amusement as they crawled along my arm, tickling me as they ventured along. Chickadees were extremely active and entertaining as they ate from my feeders. A large blue jay landed on our outdoor umbrella, initially unaware of my presence. It was rejuvenating to just " stop" and become aware of the present. To slow down the pace of life and sit quietly in time out.

Interesting Autumn Shadows

It is easy to forget the importance of becoming still when the demands of life drown out the silence. Remember to slow down;  your inner self will be thankful!


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