Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 28, Small Pause, "Airborne"

Photo of MacLellan's Brook, N.S.

Today's Small Pause...

It was a gorgeous day, so I ventured out to paint on location. A gentle breeze drifted around me as my brush stroked the canvas. I was in the groove; decisions came easily.

Once I finished my painting, I sat to enjoy my lunch. My small pause began, as I witnessed all that was airborne around me. To my surprise a hummingbird hovered for a few minutes close-by. Butterflies dipped and dived about as I sat quietly in observation. A bee buzzed and knocked into the decorative flowers on my teacup. Finally, bits of plant fluff soared on the breezes within the space.

The black spot is a butterfly in flight.

Another butterfly that was actually in flight, not stuck to the tire

All projected a great sense of freedom. It made me want to drift along with nature all day. Delineating my cares and just soar about. Remember to step out into nature. Quietly observe and allow the stresses of your life to drift into distant thoughts. 


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