Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 26, Small Pause, " Eyes Shut"

Balance, 4x4in. Oil on linen/panel. Sold

Today's Small Pause...

After much gardening and yard work this past weekend, I decided to take a slower pace today.  Have you ever noticed how the sounds of your surroundings can lull you into a quiet relaxed state? Happily, I experienced this today while I read on my back doorstep. Nature sounds became my meditation today, causing me to gently shut my eyes and become attune to the moment. 

My fountain gurgled like a babbling brook beside me. While gentle breezes rustled the surrounding foliage and trees. I could hear them swaying gently, reminding me of surf on a beach. Our regular little visitors scurried and scampered across my deck indulging in their daily feast. Hummingbirds whizzed above my head.  Their sounds seemed amplified as I listened with eyes shut. 

I am always grateful for moments like these. They slow down one's mind, negate "to do lists" and allow the enjoyment of a present moment. 

I hope you get to experience nature or another quiet space today. Shut your eyes and become attune to your surroundings. Live in a present moment; if only for a short pause.


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