Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 25, Small Pause, "Discoveries"

Blue Skies Return, 10x8in. Oil on linen/panel. Painted En Plein Air in Grant's Lake, N.S.

Today's Small Pause...

This morning while on my daily walk, I discovered a new place with hidden treasures. Being an artist I am always scouting out new view points and inspiration. While admiring all the beautiful wild roses below the roadway, I realized a ready made trail below the ditch would make a great place to paint future work. 

Off I traipsed along the pathway, tilting my head to view different angles and looking beyond the ditch to interesting views. The same views I have seen many times, but this time with a new perspective. Funny how the ordinary can become once again interesting when viewed with fresh eyes from a new angle.

A view from the ditch

 A trail in the ditch

Being in the ditch felt fun and secretive. It brought back  childhood memories when we used our imaginations to play. We sought out nature and made our own fun in secret spaces that we thought only we were privy to. We giggled and laughed at the delight of seeing others, believing that we were invisible in our etched out nature spaces. 

Imagination sparks the mind and connects to one's true spirit. Playfulness and curiosity are the entry point to imagination.  Today's youth often miss out on imaginative play,when their world becomes consumed by technology. I think both adults and children need to maintain a playful spirit to allow joy's entry. 


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