Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 41, Small Pause, "A Moment of Silence"

Return to the Park, 16x20in. Oil on canvas.

Today's Small Pause...

After a brisk walk, I sat in my sun filled living room to read for a few minutes. The sun  flitted in and out of clouds and my cat Marlee, drifted around me with affection. 

Marlee relaxing in the sun. Watching her always makes me smiles and feel relaxed.

After reading a passage from Mark Nepos' beautiful book, I sat quietly for a bit before the bustle of my day began. A moment of joy enveloped me, as I both watched and listened to the abundance of birds darting about and singing in chorus. A feeling of happiness ensued; knowing that warmer days were on their way.

 Nature allowed me to live within her presence without a care. I hope a moment of time stands still for you today. Remember to take breaks to absorb the subtle beauty in these elusive moments throughout your day. They can only be experienced when a heightened awareness exist. 


P.S. I just recently purchased Mark Nepo's Book "The Book of Awakening". It is set up in journal type entries for every day of the year. Each entry is filled with thought provoking truths and beauty that gently nudge one into experiencing greater awareness of these small meaningful moments. Highly recommend it! You can find it here. 

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