Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 39, Small Pause, "Spring Surprise"

Today's Small Pause...

Although we still have plenty of snow, the days are getting longer and the sun has more warmth. Mother nature is certainly taking her time melting winter's piles of white, and awaking dormant vegetation! Migratory birds are returning and are just as confused as we are to find winter still holds its grip on the land. 

Today the sun shone, melting began and hope was instilled that warmer weather would surely arrive soon. As I returned from a pleasant walk and was heading towards our front doorstep, a robin greeted me. To my surprise, he didn't budge when I rounded the corner. He pecked at the softer earth, hoping to find some source of food. 

I walked gingerly towards my doorstep, hoping I would not alarm him. I could sense he was well aware of my presence, but was either trusting or very hungry. Probably a little of both. We walked along together for a bit...both of us enthralled with our missions. His being attainment of food and mine finding amusement in his presence. 

After a bit of time had passed, I stealthily made it inside and quickly grabbed my camera, along with half an apple and raisins. Once outside, I placed his treats on the grassy area he enjoyed. Then I waited patiently on my front steps for his return. 

Suddenly, he popped out from under the doorstep right beside me! With my camera in tow, I quickly got into position to capture the antics that would occur when he discovered his treats. I laughed inside as he rejoiced in his winnings. He pecked vigorously at the apple and tossed the raisins skyward. It was fun watching him find delight in his special treat...I wonder if he will tell his friends?



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