Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 16, Small Pause, "Snow Bubbles"

Within the Breeze, 7x5in. Oil on canvas. Sold

Today's "Small Pause"...

This morning I decided to relish in some quiet time to practice yoga and read. With a nice hot cup of tea, I sat by my kitchen window and continued to read "The Wisdom of No Escape...". After reading a particular passage that really resonated with me I gazed out my window to reflect on what I had just read. 

Tiny snowflakes floated about in the gray sky. They reminded me of tiny bubbles as they bobbled about in the breeze; catching flight and moving in whatever direction the wind took them. They were decidedly happy as they dipped and dived without care; tossing their worries aside and drifting along. 

Their carefree nature reminded me of childhood when we ignored the world and danced about in nature. We blew bubbles, spun in circles and laughed in the delight of small occurrences. I think if we all took time to run about in nature without a care, the world would be a more joyful place!


P.S. The excerpt in Pema Chodron's book that gave me pause was: "There's a possibility of what Rinpoche used to call "gap" at the end of the out-breath: you're mindful of your breath as it goes out, and then there's a pause as the breath comes in. It's as if you ... pause."

I would love to hear your thoughts or small pause today! Please feel free to share in the comment section below. 

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